my complete catalogue of works

catalogue of works

Orchestral works


  • 'Northerm Lights', suite for harp and vibraphone.
  • 'Gagarará', for brass ensemble.
  • String Quartet No.1.
  • 'Heptafonías', wind quintet forr flute, oboe, clarinet, french horn, basson.
  • 'Triton', Brass quintet
  • 'Oligirondinas', songs for soprano and piano.
  • 'Noche Tótem', trio for piano, violin and clarinet.
  • 'Memento Mori', for soprano, alto, tenor, brass and string quintet.
  • Concertino for Cello and five instruments.

music for solo instrument

  • 'Manhattan preludes' (books 1 & 2), for solo piano.
  • 'Etudes' for solo piano.
  • 'Balade No.1' for solo piano.
  • 'Preludes of Bitácora' for solo guitar.
  • 'Sonnets of Dark Love' for solo violin.
  • 'Dark love's variations' for solo violin.
  • 'Three remembrances' for solo sax / flute.


  • 'Estigia' for solo sax and real time electroacustics.