"Gagarará, Chants of the Santero Carnival Festivities"

For Brass Ensemble

4 Trumpets, 2 French Horns, 3 Trombones, 1 Tuba

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The festivity of the 'Gagá' is a traditional celebration from the caribbean regions. Its originary name is 'Ra-rá' and it comes from the haitian carnival. Its begining is dated back until the time of the slaves in the regions where the sugar cane was cultivated.

This ritual is characterized by a big number of cultural elements from different origins that when put them all together in a eclectic way, bring a social and cultural phenomenon very rich and complex, in which the voodoo, the magic, the dances, the violence, the women gone into a trance and the chants coexist for some days immersed into a frenzied and incessant rhythm; the rhythm of the 'Ga-gá'.

The work aims to be an approach to this atmosphere of excesses and ancient rituals, to these hypnotic chants that overlap themselves, to this obsessive rhythm of the carnival festivity. Structurally, the work is split into different sections that follow one another with no apparent development, but drawn together by a complex polyrhythm and by a elaborated polyphony, both two generated from elements derived from the musical tradition of the 'gaga-rará'.

Moreover, the whole work is planned as a continuous crescendo of intensity, in which all the technical possibilities of the brass instruments have been tried to be used. The result is an energetic and challenging score, that aims to contribute in a original way to the repertoire of works for brass ensemble.